Amazon app icon some comparisons

Amazon logo: Mobile app icon that drew Hitler …

02.03.2021 — Amazon Revamps App Icon After Design Draws Comparisons to Hitler’s Mustache … and within a month, had undergone some tweaks.

Amazon quietly changed its app icon after some …

Amazon Changes App Icon After Some Compare It To …

Amazon Changes App Icon After Some Compare It To Hitler’s Moustache

E-commerce giant Amazon has tweaked its app icon after it drew some unfavourable comparisons. Amazon replaced the blue ribbon on top of the icon after receiving feedback that it resembled Adolf Hitler’s moustache.

Amazon alters app logo that drew Hitler comparison

Amazon app icon: Hitler comparisons prompt quiet change

Amazon changes app icon after being compared to Hitler

Amazon quietly changes app icon after drawing Hitler resemblance comparisons

Amazon has quietly changed the design of its new app icon, replacing the blue ribbon on top that drew compa…

Amazon Tweaks App Icon Design After Hitler Comparisons

Amazon first introduced the design in January, then tweaked it in February after it drew comparisons to Adolf Hitler’s mustache

Amazon changes app logo that ‘resembles Adolf Hitler’

Amazon changes app logo that ‘resembles Adolf Hitler’ – BBC News

The new design shows a folded corner of blue tape on an Amazon box.

Amazon Alters App Icon After Some Saw Hitler’s Mustache

A redesigned icon for Amazon’s app drew comparisons to Adolf Hitler, so the company quietly changed it.

Amazon’s Shopping App Icon No Longer Looks Like Hitler …

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